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Nutrients in Seaweed and Health Benefits

Several nutrients are present in Kombu and other types of seaweed.
Here, we detail the nutrients present in Kombu, Wakame, and Hijiki seaweed, and their health benefits.

What contains more Health effects Reference
Fucoidan Kombu, Wakame

Anti-tumor effect (fucoidan extracted from Mekabu) as suggested by studies in mice (*1).

*1 "Antitumor activity and immune response of Mekabu fucoidan extracted from Sporophyll of Undaria pinnatifida."
Potassium Kombu, Wakame, Hijiki

Thirty-three studies on 2,609 high blood pressure patients taking potassium showed a decrease in blood pressure; therefore, potassium is thought to be effective for preventing high blood pressure (*2).

An increasing intake of potassium decreases blood pressure and prevents stroke (apoplexy), as suggested by animal experiments and epidemiological studies (*3).

*2 "Effects of oral potassium on blood pressure. Meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trials."

*3 "Potassium intake for adults and children"

Iodine Kombu, Hijiki

A crucial mineral for maintaining thyroid function and producing thyroid hormones (*4, *5).

*Note that excess iodine can have a negative impact on health.

*4 "Iodine and normal thyroid function"

*5 "Iodine Deficiency"

Alginic acid Kombu, Wakame

Effects outlined below are suggested from rat experiments.

  • Prevention of high blood pressure (*6)
    (purified potassium alginate)
  • Prevention of hyperlipidemia (*7)
    (sodium alginate extracted from Wakame)
  • Activation of digestive enzymes
    (purified sodium alginate)

*6 "Effects of Dietary Potassium Alginate on Blood Pressure, Mineral Balance and Serum Cholesterol Levels in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats"

*7 "Effects of Wakame Sporophyll (Undaria pinnatifida) Intake on the Structure of the Digestive Organs and on the Plasma Cholesterol Concentration in Rats"

*8 "Effect of Indigestible Polysaccharides on Function of Digestion and Absorption in Rats"

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