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Safety of food,
Nutrition education

Commitment to safety and quality

Main Office
Our primary responsibility is to provide safe, high quality products. In addition to ISO 9001 certification, we implement our own quality management system to conduct thorough control from inspection of ingredients to individual processes at each factory. The system also ensures the hygiene of food products, and we were honored to receive the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Award for being a facility with excellent food hygiene, the highest-level award in Japan in this field. We will continue our efforts to further improve safety and quality of food products.

Healthy diet and inheritance of food culture

Food Education
To maintain a healthy diet throughout our lives and hand down the heritage of our food culture to succeeding generations, we need to have both a wide knowledge and the habit of thinking about what we eat. As part of our efforts to provide parents and children with opportunities to learn about food through fun activities, we hold parent-and-child cooking classes at elementary schools.

Commitment to environmental protection

Environmental considerations are inherent in our activities because the ingredients used in our products are part of nature’s bounty. One of our factories is located in the midst of mountains, next to one of the clearest steams in Japan. In addition to ISO 14001 certification, the factory is engaged in a range of efforts to protect the environment, including a 90% reduction in waste as well as environmental activities in the area. We were honored to receive the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award in the Social Responsibility (Natural Resources and Environmental Protection) category of the Quality Companies in Food Industries Awards, the highest-level award in Japan in this field, for our factory’s environmental activities. We will continue vigorous efforts to protect the environment.
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