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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy defines our basic policy on all personal information that is collected and used by us.

  1. Legal and regulatory compliance
    1. In handling personal information, we comply with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information (including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union (EU)), related guidelines, and this Privacy Policy.
  2. Collection of personal information
    1. We may collect personal information within a scope that is necessary. The scope of personal information to be collected will not exceed the necessary limit for achieving the purpose of its use. Collection will be carried out by an appropriate and fair means, and the purpose of use will be disclosed in advance, except when exceptional handling is authorized by a law or regulation. When we directly collect personal information in writing from you (including screens etc. on our website), we will clearly indicate the purpose of use in advance on every occasion, except when exceptional handling is authorized by a law or regulation.
  3. Personal information to be collected and purpose of collection
    1. Information to be collected is as follows.
      1. Names, addresses, email addresses, and contents of inquiries sent through the Contact Form
        • To answer inquiries.
      2. Cookies

        Cookies are information stored on your computer, while using a browser. We use different types of cookies for different purposes.

        • To provide better content by grasping the access status. We use Google Analytics for this. The access status will be used as statistical data, which will allow us to improve our website so it matches your concerns or matters important to you as far as possible. We use data obtained by cookies only for analyzing the status of use of our website.
          • Although Google Analytics records IP addresses, it anonymizes them by setting a field called anonymizeIp.
        • To provide sharing functions in SNSs.
        • To save the status of agreement on the use of cookies. Therefore, this particular cookie cannot be disabled. Please note that this cookie does not contain information that allows individuals to be identified.

        In most browsers, cookies are enabled by default. Cookies can be disabled by browser settings; however, this may prevent the functions on our website from working properly. You can check and change the status of agreement on cookies on our website here.
        cookie setting

    2. We will not collect sensitive personal information, including health information.
  4. Agreement on collection of personal information
    1. In the Contact Form, before you send your personal information, we ask you whether or not you consent to provide your personal information.
    2. Settings on cookies can be changed at here.
      "Cookie settings"
  5. Transfer of personal information
    1. Personal information will be sent to and managed by us located in Japan. Although Japan has not been given an adequacy decision on personal data protection by the European Commission, we manage personal information strictly and maintain confidentiality.
  6. Period of storage of personal information
    1. We will not store your personal data beyond the necessary limit for the purpose of collection of the data.
    2. You can ask us to delete your personal data at any time. If personal data have become no longer necessary for the purpose of collection or processing, we will delete them.
  7. Your rights
    1. You have the right to withdraw your agreement on personal information.
    2. You have the right to request access to your personal data. By doing so, you can receive a copy of your personal data as owned by us.
    3. You have the right to correct your personal data owned by us. By doing so, you can correct any incomplete or inaccurate data that concern you and are owned by us.
    4. You have the right to request deletion of your personal data. By doing so, you can delete personal data that we continue processing without legitimate reasons.
    5. You have the right to object to processing of your personal data that we perform for legitimate interests. When you object, we stop the processing of your personal data, except when there is an unavoidable legitimate reason (i) that takes precedence over your interests, rights, and freedom, or (ii) that relates to the start or execution of legal actions or proving of claims.
    6. You have the right to request limitation on processing of your personal data.
    7. You have the right to request transfer of your personal data to third parties. We provide your personal data to you or third parties that you have designated in a structured, generally used, and mechanically readable format. Please note that this right is applied only to automatically processed information that is used by us by obtaining your consent at the beginning or to fulfill a contract with you.
    8. The execution of the rights described above does not incur any cost. We will immediately provide information on the status of the response to your request and will provide such information within one month of receipt of such a request under any circumstances. The period it takes may extend by another two months depending on the complexity or quantity of the details of the request. When the period is extended, we will notify you of the fact within one month of receipt of the request.
    9. If your request is clearly lacking a basis or is excessive, and particularly when the request is repeated, we charge a reasonable cost to you or refuse to respond to your request.
    10. In addition to the rights described above, you have the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority (in particular, the supervisory authority of the location of your residence or work or the supervisory authority in the EU member state in which a violation of the GDPR is considered to have occurred). However, we would like to have an opportunity to address your complaints before you contact the supervisory authority, and would like to ask you to contact us in advance.
  8. Management and protection of personal information
    1. When we handle personal information, we appoint a person responsible for management, perform appropriate management action, and make efforts to prevent personal information from leaking outside. We take safety measures at an appropriate and reasonable level and make efforts for the protection of personal information against unauthorized access from outside or risks such as loss, destruction, and falsification.
    2. We limit those who have the right to access databases relating to personal information etc. and implement strictly management action to prevent unauthorized use even within the company.
    3. When the purpose of use of personal information is achieved, we dispose of and delete the personal information.
  9. Provision of personal information
    1. We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third parties without your consent. However, we may disclose or provide your personal information without your consent when disclosure is requested by a law or regulation or when disclosure is requested by a public institution such as a court or police.
  10. Development and maintenance of our internal system
    1. We develop and maintain internal standards for the protection of personal information based on this Privacy Policy and indicate the clear policy on handling personal information to our officers, employees, etc., to protect personal information. We develop and maintain a system for internal auditing whether the protection of personal information is sufficiently performed.
  11. Revision
    1. We will revise and improve the details of each item described above with respect to handling of personal information, as necessary.
  12. Inquiries
    1. For inquiries on this Privacy Policy or when you exercise your rights described in Article 6, please contact us through the Contact Form.
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