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Japanese are not common to this seaweed. Dulse is enjoyed in cold climate area such as Ireland, Iceland, Pacific coastal area of Canada and Northeast coastal area of USA.
It's enjoyed not just for a food but also a medical use.

History of Dulse

St.Columba St.Columba (521 A.C ~ 597 A.C)

History of Dulse

Dulse first appeared on literature during 12th century in St. Columba's song about work.
In Scotland and Ireland, dulse was used for cure of scurvy occurring for lack of Vitamin C due to its high content of Vitamins.
In the book published on 1726, it stated that the "Dubli". But in Dublin men chew it like Tobacco when dry, carrying it in their Pockets for that end, which destroys worms, and gives a Relish to Beer, as anchovies and Olives to Wine; it is commended against Women's longing. The matter of it being a vermifuge may be due to the kainic acid content in dulse. Dulse was sold in a market for good remedy of hangover.

Cultivation Area

Scotland, Norway, Iceland and Eastern Canada cultivate small amount of dulse for food. In Ireland, 20t worth of dried dulse is sold. Especially in North Belfast, Dulse is popular among blue collar worker and name derived from this area. Nowaday, Natural dulse is short on supply.

Uses of Dulse

In Iceland, Dulse is enjoyed with butter, but it also goes well as salad toppings, soup, and snacks

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